visual design.

Content creation.


by Timo

Big Screen Visuals.

Visual Design & Content creation for all kind of performing arts and events.

Concert Visuals & Lights

Caro Emerald & Big Band (2019)

Night Club visuals

Dance with Dancers, night club & modern dance show (2010&2011)

Big Screen Ballet Visuals

Beauty and The Beast - Finnish National Ballet 2014

Stage & Event lights.

Lighting Design & Programming for Concerts & Performing arts & Events

Flat3 delivers

Concert Lights

Role: Design & Op.
Style: Busking
Artist: Prince Experience Tribute
Venue: Musikhuset Aarhus Store Sal
Audience: 1000+
Year: 2019


Concert Lights (2019)


Lights (2017)

This is
what I do.


Visuals in one pagkage from design to finishing the show... or any part of the production.

I do entertaining "VJ" visuals, digital set design and storytelling content.


I have great experience working on big screen and long history working with opera, ballet, drama and concerts with many different music genres.

Content Creation

I have a long experience of cooperating with other creatives and helping artists / directors / choreograpers / set designers to realise their visions.

Mediaserver programming

I deal with many platforms/mediaservers and utilise my lighting console programming skills as well.

Lighting Design

I handle not only preprogrammed designs but I'm also experienced designing on the fly( aka doing busking shows)

Lighting Programming

I am experienced MA programmer / operator and feel strong doing both cue list based and busking shows.


Pop, Jazz, EDM, Classic ...
I have long experience for delivering both visuals and lights for various style of music. I do preprogrammed and busking (going with the flow without preprogramming /preproduction) shows. Venues I have experience vary from small club to big stage with over 100 light unit and audience of 1000+.
Visuals 100%


Opera, Ballet, Drama ...
I have over 20 years experience on working in Theater and with big Opera & Ballet productions. In this area I'm specialised to deliver visual content as a part of set design/lights. I do design and/or content production and/or playback system programming.


Award, Gala, you name it ...
I deliver all video/visual content and lighting for various events. Since I do also camera production I can figure out suitable lights for the camera (TV/Streaming) as well.

Something different...

I do also creative photography & video production

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